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About Us


We are a tight-knit renovation contracting team working together to deliver the best results


We started from humble beginnings undertaking various contracting projects since the 90s, specialising in masonry and carpentry works. We have been involved in various public works projects involving construction of public premises.

Eventually we found our true calling which was to provide all-in-one renovation services to residential clients. This played to our strengths as we were able to produce most of the renovation works under our complete control. One by one, clients were happy with the results we produced while we very much enjoyed the process of treating each project with care and attention.

Today, we still retain our core team and strengths. We are familiar and well-versed with most clients’ needs with regards to all forms of residential projects.

If you are unsure what you want and would like a second opinion, we are more than happy to offer general practical advice regarding your home renovation. We believe that our input, from a design and build point of view, will be able to offer fresh perspective for your project with regard to budget and practical constraints.



We value our spirit of teamwork in completing project to projects


We take pride in excellence in management and execution of our projects


We use only quality materials with great workmanship


We value our customers by putting them first