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Kitchen Renovation

Layout and Planning

Designing a kitchen can be a tricky job, as the perfect configuration depends on multiple functional factors.

Our services starts with the planning of the layout of your kitchen and overseeing the construction till completion.  With ideas about the use and specific user requirements, we are able to recommend efficient and practical layouts to fit it into any existing space.

A kitchen’s design needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure. The choice of materials, textures and colours are all paramount in making the kitchen finish exactly the way you want it for cooking, socialising, and eating.



Integrated Functions

The kitchen today is more than the classic ‘work triangle.’ As the kitchen continues to evolve over the years, its planning as part of the house has shifted more to a central meeting place for family and friends to gather than merely a service space relegated to the back of the home.

Modern kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, microwave will have to by fully integrated into the kitchen design, such that the timeless practicality of the ‘work triangle’ still applies.

We take steps to ensure that the kitchen ultimately functions as a single, efficient and beautiful unit that gives users pride when using it.

mediterranean kitchen island

Small integrated kitchen concept

kitchen bar area

Modern spacious kitchen with bar

luxury kitchen dining

Airy kitchen and dining connected to outdoors

Cabinets and Storage

A good kitchen cannot exisst without beautiful and durable cabinets and carpentry that integrate various functions into one. We design well-thought out storage solutions that serves a range of popular layouts from the open kitchen to the kitchen island concept.

Resale Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking to renovate your existing kitchen, we provide demolition and hacking services to remodel your kitchen from scratch. We are also experienced in hacking walls and re-creating new spaces to form your new kitchen.

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